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/ 11.3.15 /

Dang, it's been a full year already???

The 2014 edition of the Cafe 2 Cafe was our most successful event to date... raising $1,600 to help out a wonderful young lady names Bekah! Like all previous C2C's, in 2015 we will again be raising funds to help support a NorthShore person/organization that is near & dear to my heart: The Essex County Trail Association

The Essex County Trail Association exists to protect access to the trails and open lands throughout Hamilton, Wenham, Ipswich, Topsfield, Essex and West Newbury. ECTA partners with both public and private landowners to ensure that the experience of open trails is positive for them as well as the trail users. Proceeds from the C2C will go directly to the ECTA to aid in maintenance of our wonderful NorthShore trails!

Here's everything else you'll need to know:

  • Date: 9th of May
  • Time: Arrive no later than 8:30am, we'll be rolling off at 9am
  • Cost: Preregistration is $20 and Day-of-event will be $25
  • Route: From Manchester, MA to Newburyport, MA and back to Manchester, MA
  • Garmin file will be supplied via email prior to the event
  • Distance: 60-70 miles
  • Pace: 18-20 Average (Note that this is over a 70mile distance, please keep this in mind before signing up)
  • Non-supportedThe C2C is an unsupported road ride with no neutral support, the pace will be moderate/high, and helmets are required. There will be no sag-wagon. Though this intended as a FUN ground ride, please bring a cell phone and/or GPS device in the event that you find yourself being unable to complete the route or unable to maintain pace with the rest of the group. If you forget any essential road items (tubes, CO2, gels, etc) Seaside Cycle will have them available for purchase.
  • Parking: There are limited "free" spots available near Seaside Cycle, so I suggest both carpooling as well as parking somewhere in the surrounding area and riding over to the shop (IE: don't park in spots where you'll get ticketed)


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